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March 2009: Toutes Suites commemorated Bodinus' 250th anniversary with a concert at the composer's baptismal church in Bittstädt, Thuringia. The Bodinus CD was released there.
Bodnus baptismal church
Bodinus baptismal church Bittstaedt, Thuringia


July 9, 2010: Gutskirche Boek (near Rechlin, Mueritz), 5pm

July 11, 2010: Musik in Alten Heidekirchen, St. Magdalenen, Undeloh
August 14, 2010: Promenadenkonzerte in der Schlosskapelle zu Panker, Schlosskapelle Panker
August 15, 2010: Hohwachter Sommerkonzerte. St. Jürgen-Kirche, Hohwacht (Ostsee)


Winter & Spring 2009: America Society Bad Segeberg and Pastor Dieter Kuchenbecker presented Toutes Suites in “Baroque Music in the Old and the New World”, Kirche Schlamersdorf; CD release and 250th Anniversary Concert in the baptismal church of Sebastian Bodinus (1700-March 1759): Six Trios for Two Hautbois and BC, March 2009.


Summer & Fall 2008: August 24, 2008, Kirche Egestorf, 6:00 p.m. Series: Musik in Alten Heidekirchen, Werke von Telemann, Muller and Bodinus; Oct. 11, 2008, Ev. Kirche Aumuehle,6:00 p.m. Series: Aumuehler Sommermusiken, Sechs neu entdeckte Sonaten fuer Oboen und Continuo des Barockkomponisten  Sebastian Bodinus.  Urauffuehrung. Repeats Oct. 12, 2008, Ev. Kirche Ohlstedt, 6:00 p.m.


Spring 2008: March 2nd University of San Diego, Founders Chapel. The series "Angelus: Sacred Early Music in Founders Chapel" directed by Marianne Pfau presented the TOUTES SUITES ensemble in a program of 17th and 18th-century music on the theme of  the Catholic Mysteries.  Works included the "Rosary Sonatas" by Franz Ignatz Biber, a cantata by Rosenmueller, a premiere of a concerto by Muller,and a Froberger suite.