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Marianne PfauMarianne Richert Pfau, director

CD cover, "mUsic for Hautbois Band"
Johann Philpp Krieger & Johann Christian Schieferdecker on Genuin (Nürnberg), 2012.
Handel CD
George Frederic Handel on
virtilla (Hamburg), 2011

Bodinus CD cover
Sebastian Bodinus, 250 years later...on genuin (Leipzig), 2009
Muller CD cover
Jean-Michel Muller on genuin (Leipzig), 2008. Supersonic Award from Pizzicato, Luxembourg, 2009


TOUTES SUITES: music from page to stage
Marianne Richert Pfau, Director


Marianne R. Pfau created Toutes Suites in 2006 to restore magnificent but little known or entirely forgotten music of the Baroque. Toutes Suites, on period instruments and prominently featuring the hautbois, works in California and in Germany.

Scrutinizing Baroque hautbois music in the great European archives that in many cases has not been heard since the 18th century, has revealed some astonishingly beautiful works by largely unknown composers (Krieger, Schieferdecker, Bodinus, Muller...).  Ms. Pfau, musicologist-cum-hoboista, takes great pleasure in bringing these gems to light again and exposing modern audiences to their sonic beauty, in CD recordings, on radio, and in live concerts.  She also publishes modern editions of the works recorded.   


Toutes Suites CD, "Music for Hautbois Band"



Music for Hautbois Band.


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