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Julia Belitz


Julia Belitz, baroque oboe, studied music pedagogy with Christa Sokoll and Johannes Fischer at the Akademie fuer Tonkunst in Darmstadt.  She continued with degrees in music education under Prof. Karl-Heinz Zarius and in musical arts under Prof. Manfredo Zimmermann at the Wuppertal campus of the Musikhochschule Cologne Further, she studied baroque oboe with Alfredo Bernardini  at the Sweelinck-Conservatory in Amsterdam, where she also enrolled in masterclasses with Marion Verbrueggen,  Robert Ehrlich, Kees Boeke, Han Tol, Ku Ebbinge, Frank de Bruine und Martin Stadler. 

Ms. Belitz teaches at the Bergische Musikschule Wuppertal, performs chamber music with La Gioia Köln of which she was a founding member, and appears with the orchestras  L`Arco, Hannoversche Hofkapelle, Bremer Ratsmusik, Musica Alta Ripa, Barockorchester Weserbergland, Telemannisches Collegium Michaelstein, among others.  Occasionally she plays shawm with the Ensemble Echo du Danube. Ms. Belitz joins Toutes Suites for the Bodinus set.

Pfau, Dennert, Sanders, Hofmann, Siedel, Jönsson, Osbaldeston, Hinrichs, Jönsson, Belitz, Huemmer, Schmieder, Weigel