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Britta Hinrichs


Britta Hinrichs, baroque oboe, studied historical double reed instruments with Renate Hildebrand at the Hamburger Konservatorium. She specializes in woodwind instruments from the Middle Ages through the early classical period, including shawm, crumhorn, recorder, and historical oboes. She has appeared nationally and internationally with orchestras and period ensembles, including concerts, recordings, festivals, and numerous tours with Capella Coloniensis, Handel Solisten, Cantus Colln, Flos Florum, and Les Hoboistes de Prusse.

Pfau, Dennert, Sanders, Hofmann, Siedel, Jönsson, Osbaldeston, Hinrichs, Jönsson, Belitz, Huemmer, Schmieder, Weigel