Masthead Toutes Suites

Regina Sanders


Regina Sanders, baroque bassoon and recorder, completed a solo concert exam and a music education diploma in recorder and historical wind instruments under Prof. Helga Weber at the Musikhochschule Hamburg. For many years she performed with the late Bernhard Junghänel. She appears in concerts and on CD with Concerto Palatino, Weserrenaissance, Capella de la torre, teaches recorder, and serves on the faculty of early music courses in Europe for historical double reed instruments.

R. Sanders' alto recorder was copied by Martin Wenner, Singen 2005, after Stanesby Junior (1692-1754), ca 1730. The original belongs to the M.Piguet estate. Her voice flute was copied by Margret Löbner, Bremen 1991, after Johann Christoph Denner (1655-1707), from the Frans Brüggen Collection. Her baroque bassoon is built in 2006 by Paul Hailperin after Deper (early 18th century).

Pfau, Dennert, Sanders, Hofmann, Siedel, Jönsson, Osbaldeston, Hinrichs, Jönsson, Belitz, Huemmer, Schmieder, Weigel